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Education Core System

IT Consultant

Besmart - IT Solutions collaborates with IT Principals as partner to deliver your IT Solutions. With subject as a professional consultant to consolidate, optimize your system side by side align with Business Process and IT Development. We understand the full scope of your requirements and work with you to deliver an innovative, efficient IT solution which improves overall organizational efficiency, saves time and money and enables business growth of our valued clients.

System Integrator

Besmart - IT Solutions as integrator services include consultancy, system integration and project management of IT services that provide: Application and enterprise systems integration, Business continuity planning, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Platform integration. Strategic alliances with leading technology players further enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are not only steady, scalable, smart, and innovative but also result oriented.

Enterprise Application Development

Besmart expertise team follows one of two approaches to development. In full lifecycle application projects, we assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. In cooperative development, we work with your IT professionals to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems.

Banking & Telco Solutions

Besmart - IT Solutions understand that IT services’ delivery and technology efficiency are vital to business success. Having experiences in integrating large scale applications within Banking & Telco infrastructure, Besmart - IT Solutions recognizes how to support the strategy, operations, IT and business functions of communications service providers.

Optimization Solution

Our commitment to successful IT projects and clients' satisfaction are reflected through our professional approach. Besmart - IT Solutions use proven project management methodology and tools to ensure that all of our IT projects are clearly defined and implemented based on scope, time and budget constraints.

Service Oriented Architechture (SOA)

Within the broad concept of SOA, there are three very different ideas that can help you meet agile and different requirements: service composition, model-driven development, and data virtualization. Besmart - IT Solutions implements those parts of SOA that make sense for a particular client when they are ready for the transition. Our SOA Architects have built an industrialized methodology to reduce hurdles and risks in the implementation of the services.

Mobile Application

Mobile has a major potential to transform business, but very few organizations have taken the necessary steps to fully realize the potential of mobile. The key to mobile success is building a strategic mobile practice that continually aligns user needs, business goals and evolving mobile technologies. Built-in various platforms such as Blackberry (OS 10), iOS, Android.
We address the necessities of sectors with the following offerings:
Custom Application Development
Information Portals
E-Billing Statements
Sales Data Analysis
Sales Smart Mobile Tracking

Supported Programming Language


  Pre Academic Year Support System

BeSmart Recognized the hassle schools have to go through before every new academic year, Besmart offers the complete service for pre-academic year activities:

  Online Promotion – Promoting schools in the border-less online communities; Budgeting; Analysis of promotion media effectiveness
  Registration – Supporting manual & online e-registration; Prospective students database; Online admission process tracking for prospective students
  Payment – Payment reminder; Consolidation report
  Test – Test room distributions; Test results analysis
  Admission – Admission simulator (simulation of school revenue & student acceptance)
  Report – Analytical Report of pre Academic Activity
  Re-registration – Admission manual & online conformation; New students database; Classroom distribution
  Order & Payment – Uniform & book pre-order & purchase; Orientation tracking

  Academic Year Support System

Education Core System

  Master Profile

Curricullum Management
Curricullum 2013

Assignment & Test Agenda
Achievement Automation Calculation
Report Card

Lessons Daily Time Table
Timetable Broadcast

  Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar Semi
Annual Configuration

Video & Photo Gallery
Blog & Chat

Education Support System

  Clubs & Extra Curricullar
  ID Card & ID Management

  Pick Up System
  Feedback Management

  Survey Pulling
  Alumni Management
  Student Transfer

Enterprise System

Integrated Fee Payment Schedule
Cash in & Cash out Management
Cash Flow Forecasting
Fees Payment Reminder

  Central Management
Branch Management

End to end accounting cycle
Cash Flow Tracking
Asset Management
Financial Report System

  Human Resource
Teacher & Staff Profile
Planning, Acticity & Performance
Payroll System
Carrier Path Management

  2013 Curricullum

Education Core System

2013 Curricullum

2013 curriculum issued by the ministry of education aims teachers to be more innovative and creative in becoming the facilitator of students' study program. BeSmart strives to stand alongside school in the effort of assuring the effectiveness of 2013 curriculum implementation.
2013 curriculum divides a student's performance through 4 competencies: Spiritual(Spiritual), Social(Sosial), Knowledge(Pengetahuan), and Practice (Keterampilan).

BeSmart provides the overall support:

Rubric Creation Tool A powerful tool for teachers to create grading standards through rubrics;
Dictionary module to automate sentence generation
Observation Report Tool Providing a summary and analysis of students' observation results
Report Card Generation Generating paragraph templates to support teachers' in filling report cards
Grading System Empowering teachers with indicators of students' performances and students' grading summary
Grading Match Making Allowing teachers to distribute equal personnel to grade each students and distribute the grading questionnaire


If you love technology, then the IT field can offer a number of opportunities and areas to specialize in. As you hone in on your skills, you can validate your knowledge by advancing up the certification ladder to achieve new career heights.

Why Join Us?

We work hard to maintain the right balance to promote teamwork. Our compensation and benefits are structured to ensure that our people work together toward success. And while we reward collaboration, there is still room for individual achievement to be frequently and properly recognized.

1. IT DEVELOPER (PROGRAMMER) - Java (J2EE) / Web Programmer / Dot Net


Bachelor Degree (S1) in Computer Science/Information Technology/Industrial Engineering or related.
Skilled at SQL Server 2008/Oracle/MySQL/Postgresql
Familiar with Javascript, HTML and CSS
Understand in Java Programming Language (Java Developer)
Understand in dotNet language C# and VB.Net (dotNet Developer)
Understand in Web Programming languages: Javascript, PHP & HTML5 (Web Based Developer)
Strong analytical thinking
Team player and able to work under pressure
Self-motivated and Committed to deadlines
Customer service oriented
Experience in web service and mobile application is an advantage
Good English in speaking and writing is an advantage



Min. Bachelor Degree (S1) preferably Information Technology, Industrial Engineering or related
At least 3 years experiences in Service Management, Project Management, Service Provider
Familiar with ICT knowledge such as System Integrator, Custom Development Application, IT Solutions.
Had vision for managing, leading projects and team.
Able to maintain project within target.
Strong communication skills in both Indonesia or English.
Fast learner, leadership, team work and analytical thinking



Min. Bachelor Degree (S1) preferably Information Technology, Industrial Engineering or related
Should have minimum 3 years experience in the same field.
Had background in Database design in Microsoft SQL Server/ Oracle/ MySQL
Organize project, manage prioritizations, planning, and evaluate project target and deliverables
Review request and participate in designing functional specification, use case or flowchart scenario test
Had technical experience with .Net programming, databases, Web Development and User Support
Understand how to perform system testing



Min. Bachelor degree (S1) preferably Information Technology, Industrial Engineering, Management
At least 2 years in Business Process and Management related experienced
Familiar with ICT knowledge such as System Integrator, Custom Development Application, IT Solutions.
Able to Create Document, Presentation, Reporting both in Indonesia or English.
Analytical thinking, Pay attention in detail.
Fast learner, leadership, team work



Min. Bachelor degree (S1) majoring Graphic Design
Available full time or freelance position.
Had previous experienced in Web / Mobile and Game Design is a value added.
Skilled at Design Software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash, etc.
High creativity and authenticity in design is a must
Team work, able to maintain designs within target.



Min. Bachelor degree (S1), preferably Information Technology, Marketing or related
Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
Having experiences 1 or 2 years in same position is plus point.
Successful selling experience in IT products and services or application / solution.
Proven sales track record and result-orientation.
Willing to travel

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  About BeSmart

BeSmart Global Indonesia has been deeply involved in technology services. Our professional IT solution have experiences in banking, telecommunication and government services for years. We commit our best to deliver outstanding, consistent and reliable services both to corporate and education field.

“Transforming People and Technology”. Thus, we would love to bring all these advanced and sophisticated technology. Together, we blend process, people, and technology " To The Future and Beyond".


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